Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I have begun collecting the questions that come up around our transition to Proficiency Based Graduation Requirements. I will up date this list periodically.

Maybe if I am lucky and persuasive I will get some guest bloggers to take a stab at some of these answers.

  1. What does Proficiency Based Grading look like for special education? Everywhere?
  2. How is proficiency based learning going to impact progress on yearly standards and goals?
  3. What are the PBGR's?
  4. How will they change the classroom?
  5. How long will this shift take?
  6. What do students and the community know and think?
  7. How does this translate for college?
  8. How do we set the bar for proficient?
  9. How will parents react?
  10. What is this going to look like for report cards?
  11. What safety nets will we put in place for students?
  12. How do we measure progress?
  13. Who might impede progress?
  14. How are other states doing this?
  15. How will this change the traditional 7-12 grade model?
  16. Are there examples out there?
  17. Am I capable of being this kind of teacher?

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